Day in the life of soap


Lever soap! For your two thousand body parts! Count them! I know you won’t!

Leverhouse,  Park Ave. Nyc. Big time Collector. Big Time collections. Big time art! Big city! Big investments!

What happens to art when 2/3rds of the world have no clean water, proper sanitation, no soap? They do not you know

Day in the life of soap is a study. Large scale digital photos of soap over its forty five day life span.

The delicate lines on their monolithic relief are Duchampian maybe even Kubrickian. Chance relationships, in line and form or is it fate?

I was born in a country where I can afford soap. I have clean water unless the electricity goes off. Is it chance or is fate? Either way that I am truly grateful, for ……soap.


Selected images Printed with an Epson 98oo with archival digital ink and Paper.60x 40 Editions available


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